Wonders of the World IBL:

Our focus Question:
“What is the most significant building or historical location ever created?”

Part A) Birds Eye View Map: Create a birds eye view map of your buildings or historical location.  Use Google Earth to assist you with your map. Be sure to include a map title, compass, colour, map key, and the direction of any significant cities if possible.

Part B) Research Your Location
Your research should prove the significance of chosen location...
Define the following words:
List five Search phrases will you use?
List of sources:
1. Culture:

2. Economy:

3. Historical:

Supporting Ideas:

Supporting fact one: How is it historically significant?

Supporting fact two: How is it culturally significant?

Supporting fact three: How is it economically significant?

Video Support:

Seven Wonders of the World: (Topic Generation)

Remember you can you any modern structure:

Research Help:


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