Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Spelling Grade Six List One

List One:


Monday, 8 September 2014

Email Setup


Ednet to NSPES Conversion Steps

1.      Students should go to this link:

2.      Student will require:

                                                        i.            Student Number (10 Digits):  You can get this from your teacher

                                                      ii.            Birth Date (YYYY-MM-DD): This must be the actual date

3.      Choose a personal question from the drop down menu provided and provide an answer

4.      Select the [Update] button to proceed

5.      Create a password

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Grade Six Social Studies

Monday, 28 April 2014

Wonders of the World IBL:

Our focus Question:
“What is the most significant building or historical location ever created?”

Part A) Birds Eye View Map: Create a birds eye view map of your buildings or historical location.  Use Google Earth to assist you with your map. Be sure to include a map title, compass, colour, map key, and the direction of any significant cities if possible.

Part B) Research Your Location
Your research should prove the significance of chosen location...
Define the following words:
List five Search phrases will you use?
List of sources:
1. Culture:

2. Economy:

3. Historical:

Supporting Ideas:

Supporting fact one: How is it historically significant?

Supporting fact two: How is it culturally significant?

Supporting fact three: How is it economically significant?

Video Support:

Seven Wonders of the World: (Topic Generation)

Remember you can you any modern structure:

Research Help:

Monday, 24 February 2014

Secrets of Short Story Suspense

‘Secrets of Short Story Suspense’
Focus question: "What makes a great short story?"
1) Collaboration Story:
Using your notes on short stories you’re going to write a short story in a group of three. Make sure that it follows the short story structure. This will be peer evaluated and marked by the teacher.
3pts structure / 3pts suspense / 3pts word choice

2) Evaluation:
Evaluate one other  groups short story using the following criteria:
3pts structure / 3pts suspense / 3pts word choice
How to make predictions:


3) Short Story Research:
Read the following four short stories and answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper. Alternatively you can search out fan fiction short stories on the internet if possible.
Research Questions: clearly label answers with title of each short story...

Before Reading:
a) What are three questions you have about the story before reading it?
After Reading:
b) What are three vocabulary which may be hard for some students to understand?
c) Using an example from the text,  answer the question "what makes a great short story." Be sure to mention something different with each short story.

English Short Stories: Assignment Two
Rubric: 3pts structure / 3pts suspense / 3pts word choice
4) Write a suspenseful short story: Day two
Brainstorm...write what you know about!
1) What do you love?

2)  What is interesting about you?

3) What does your protagonist want? (To win a big game? Survive a car crash? something more...)

4) How will you create emotions of happiness, sadness, or fear in your reader?

5) What does your main character do at the climax?

6) What will be the structure of the short story and what will happen at each stage?

Other Notes or thoughts?