Motivational and Goal Setting Activities

You can find the activities you need to complete for our motivation and goals unit below:

Quotations for activity one: click here

Printable activities sheet: click here

The final assignment can be found below:

Final Assignment: click here

Motivational Quotations Reviewed: Please pick six of the many quotations displayed in the classroom and answer the following in complete sentences with details.  Be sure to answer the questions in your goal folder.

Who authored the quotation, and why are they important?

Explain the message of the quotation in a full sentence?

Why is this or isn't it, one of your top three favourite quotations displayed in class?

Fully explain, in no less than two sentences, how you can apply this quotation to your life?

Quotation Poster:

Once finished this assignment, create a poster using pen and paper or the app Piccollage.  The poster should include a researched quotation, and an image to compliment it. If you’re using Piccollage you should be able to complete three such posters.

Motivational Assignment: Ideal Day

Write a full page describing your ideal day sometime in the future:

Brainstorm and outline:

Create a list of...
  • Future activities
  • Future achievements
  • Future possessions
  • Future locations/surroundings
  • Future relationships

...which could be part of your ideal day.

Once finished your ideal day answer the following questions in complete and detailed sentences:

1) What type of career or business would you need to have or run in order to provide enough income to create, or get close to creating your ideal day?

2) What type of schooling or experience would you need to be have in order to be successful in this career or business?

3) List five things you can you do this year to ensure you are heading towards the above mentioned career or business plan?

4) List two things you can you do today to ensure you are heading towards the above mentioned career or business plan?


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