Social Studies 9 Unit One Quiz Review

Chapter 1

Part A: Be able to explain each of the following:

Longitude                                            Latitude                                               Absolute location
Topographic map                             Prime Meridian                                                 Relative location
Cultural features                              Physical Features

Chapter 2 and 3

Please review your textbook and your notes to find answers to the following.
Chapter Two:
1)      Which province in Atlantic Canada has the area of highest elevation? Page 19
2)      Which province in Atlantic Canada has the least amount of elevation?
3)      How does scale allow you to find physical distance? Page 20-21
4)      If a Hockey game started in Winnipeg at 5 pm, what time would it be televised in Victoria, BC? Page 23
5)      If a Soccer game started in Toronto at 1 pm, what time would it be televised in Halifax, NS?
6)      What is the different between time distance and time zones?
7)      How are mountains created? Pg 24
8)      How have glaciers altered Atlantic Canada’s landscape including the Application Mountains? page 24 and 25
9)      Name five different water forms found in Atlantic Canada? Page 26-27
10)   How has the environment here in Atlantic Canada influenced the people of Atlantic Canada? Give two examples. Page30 and 31

Chapter Three:

1)      What are the three types of Condensation? Page 34
2)      Which provinces have the largest annual snow fall? Give two reasons why they get so much snow? Page 35
3)      Which provinces have the lowest annual snow fall? Give two reasons why they get less snow? Page 35
4)      Explain in your own words how wind is created? (Page 36)
5)      Explain what a climograph shows? Page 37
6)      What are the five factors affecting the climate of Atlantic Canada? Pg38 and pg40
7)      Using all five of the factors from question seven explain why Nova Scotia has a warmer annual climate and Labrador has a much cooler annual climate.
8)      What are two differences between a continental climate and a maritime climate? Page 37
9)      Why does Atlantic Canada have so much precipitation?
10)   What are three things you can do to help prevent climate change? Page 41

Chapter 4

1)                  What is the difference between an urban centre and a rural area? Give an example of each...

2)                  How do you find population density?

3)                  What are the four different types of population distribution, and which types would you find in an urban or rural area?

4)                  What are population push and pull factors?  Name three examples of how they have impacted the population of Nova Scotia throughout its history.

5)                  What are three factors which determine the site of a city, or the success of a city? Explain why Halifax has been a successful city to date?

6)                  What is outmigration? In Atlantic Canada many people have moved to other provinces, why?  Is this an example of outmigration?

7)                  Who and when did the first people come and settle the Atlantic region?
 8)                          What was the impact on aboriginal people when they came into contact with the Europeans?

9)             Why did the British expel the Acadians?

10)              Who were the loyalists, and were they pushed or pulled toward the colonies which now make up Canada?


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