Inquiry Based Learning Proposal - Social Studies 7 -

This is an Inquiry Based Learning Proposal.

Starting with a question: Inquiry Based Learning allows you the student to dictate what you want to research.  This is your chance to create a question which you are interested in researching for Social Studies class. 

Main Question: Is Canada's first Prime Minister a hero or a criminal?

Part A) Write out a sentence using your topic.

Example: John A. Macdonald is a hero because he was able to bring together British colonies and form the country of Canada.

Part B) Find and list at least five sources (websites) which provide information on the topic.  If you cannot find five sources with information. Also record here the pages in the textbook you should use as a reference. 

Part C) Write a short paragraph (at least two supporting examples) detailing why you think this topic would be interesting to research... 

Part D) Email to Mr. Sweetman and start your research...

Once finished you should be able to complete a current event assignment by clicking here.


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