Classroom Democracy and Election Activity

 A) Break students into groups of four to five.

B ) Have them pick or 'elect' a spokes person from their group.

C) Have each group present an argument regarding the following:

1) Should the death penalty be used in Canada?

2) The distribution of Wealth in Canada?

3) At what age should children be able to join Facebook?

4) At what age should children be able have a cellphone ?

5) Should we use more technology in the classroom?

6) Should should be the minimum age for adolescents getting their license?

7) Should grade nines be move to Forest Heights High School?

D) Once students have formulated an argument have them create a mock legislature (now would be a good time to watch a Youtube video of question period) 

E) Have students debate the topic and vote on a new law.

D) Follow this up with a lesson on the election process...

And optionally you could finish off the class with this...


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