Atlantic Canadian Culture and Occupation Culture: Social Studies 9 Quiz Review

Please answer the following in complete sentences:

1) What does ECMA stand for? What other forms of entertainment could promote culture? (95)

2) What is a definition for oral tradition and folk art? Why are oral traditions important to Atlantic Canadian culture? (96-97)

3) Name an important part of Atlantic Canadian Literature? Why is it important to Atlantic Canadian culture? (100)

4)Why is "Anne of Green Gables" an important part of PEI economy?  Is this positive? (101)

5) What are the six features of traditional stories? (97)

6) What are the five steps of research? Give two reasons to follow these steps?

7) What is the the correct definition of lifestyle (110)

8) Why do people work? Name four reasons, and what you think is the most important? (109)

9) Why is it important that both men and women have equal opportunity to participate in the work force? And do men and women have equal pay in the work force? (110)

10) What impact have electronic devices had on your lifestyle? How could they impact your life in the future? (111) 

11) Why is art, story telling, and music so important to ensuring our Atlantic Canadian culture does not


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