Social Studies 7 Quiz Review Questions: People of British North America

The Quiz will be ten multiple choice questions based on the questions below:

Here is a printable list of the basic questions and answers: Quiz Review

1) During the 1800's how did most people of BNA transport themselves or goods? page 91

2) What are five ways life in BNA homes was different from our homes in the 21st Century? page 90

3) Why did diseases spread so much easier during the 1800's? page 92

4) Who ran most schools during the early 1800's? How would this influence what students were learning? page 93

5) When was slavery no longer legal? Was this before or after the United States? page 88

6) What was the population change of Aboriginal people between contact and 1871? Why did this happen? pg 87

7) What happened to the Acadian people in 1755? How did this impact the current day Nova Scotia population? Page 85

8) Why did 800,000 English, Scottish, and Irish move to BNA between 1815 and 1850? Did they find an easier life here in BNA? page 83

9) When the British took over the French colonies in 1763, what did they give the French people? How did these impact the French and British relationship? page 84

10) Although Black colonists of BNA were free of slavery in the 1800's they still faced a serious challenge. What was it?  Do they still face that challenge today? page 89


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