Interest based Learning: Research Paragraph

Interest based Learning Research Paragraph:
Your Task

Part A) Using your research notes, paragraph outline, and paragraph draft please type up a double spaced good copy of your interest based research paragraph including the following:

Double spacing
Times new Roman 12 Font
Have your name and class at the top of the page
Include your bibliography at the end of the page (Include, Author, article title, website, and date published)

Part B) Once you have finished this copy and paste the rubric below and evaluate yourself.  You should have a total mark of out of 25. An Addition underline your three supporting facts and circle your three supporting statistics...

Part C) Have a peer evaluate your paragraph using the rubric below.

Part D) Submit your paragraph outline, paragraph draft, your final paragraph, your self evaluation, and your peer evaluation.


Completed paragraph outline, Draft, final draft, self evaluation, peer evaluation (10pts)

Peer, self, and Mr. Sweetman evaluation averages (5pts)

Paragraph Rubric

Does the paragraph have a topic sentence                                                      /1

Does the paragraph have three strong supporting facts?                                /3

Does the paragraph end with the strongest supporting fact?                         /1

Does the paragraph have statistics to support each of the facts?                   /3

Do most of these statistics come from reliable sources?                                 /1

Do each of the supporting facts clearly connect back to the topic?               /3

Are there at least three standout word choices in the paragraph?                  /3

Is there a summary sentence that wraps up the paragraph?                            /1

Voice: is the paragraph written with some comedy or personality?                /1

Does the paragraph include three sources in the bibliography?                      /3

Does the paragraph have grammatical errors? (-1 pt for each mistake)          /5


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