Healthy Community - Project Based Learning Proposal

Examine how people support healthy communities locally and globally, and take age-appropriate action to support a community health issue of interest to them.

Examine the social, legal, and financial impacts of alcohol, other substances, and gambling along a continuum of use

Recognize and respond to physical health dangers and emergency situations related to alcohol and other substance use among their peers

Identify school and community based resources and health services available to assist themselves or a friend if help or information in the area of sexual health, mental health, alcohol and other substance use or gambling is needed, and practice how to make initial contact with such a service/resource

Identify and practice strategies for staying healthy and safe in the workplace

Examine how design and infrastructure of the school community and surrounding community enhances or creates barriers for physical activity among youth

Part A) Your Task: First you must pick two of the above topics you would be of interest. 

Part B) Find and list at least five sources (websites) which provide information on the topic.  If you cannot find five sources with information, then you should consider switching your topic to something else.

Part C) Write a short paragraph (at least two supporting examples) detailing why you would be the perfect person to research this topic.

Part D) Print and submit to the teacher

Once finished you should be able to complete a current event assignment by clicking here.


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