Economic Empowerment Inquiry Assignment - INTO THE FUTURE -

This is a Social Studies assignment which has students think about economic empowerment in the future. It meets Nova Scotia's Social Studies 7 curriculum outcomes 7.2.3.

Links we reviewed and discussed in class before starting the assignment:

Did You Know

How much money will PSY make from ‘Gangnam Style’?

Top Earning Blogs – Make Money Online Blogging

Part A) 

You must demonstrate your knowledge of how to economically empower yourself using technology. Using Powerpoint, (video), or (Graphic Organizer) you need to create a guide on how to do one of the following.

a) How to sell goods on eBay? Create a five step guide on how to sell products on eBay.

b) How to make money using YouTube? Create a five step guide on how to monetize a YouTube account.

c) How to make money blogging? Create a five step guide on how to monetize a blog.

d) Come up with your own topic? This must be approved by Mr. Sweetman.

Part B) 

In paragraph format explain how your guide could economically empower people in the future?

How you will be marked:

Your guide must use your own words and have enough details that someone could actually complete the activity based on your guide. 

Instructions: should be clear and include several insightful details.

Images: you should use images which clearly relate and help with your presentation?

Connection: do you make a clear connection between your guide and economic empowerment?



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